Arch linux java 9

How many Archers use Arch for development? If so, what areas are you developing in? I am primarily into biomedical image analysis and I have begun to dabble in AI. I use arch as a dev platform, it's no better or worse than any other Linux distribution, except maybe having more up to date packages. I do some amateur stuff on Arch -- all my professional coding if you can call my Perl code professional, ha ha is done on a Fedora box by SSH. Not counting a few dozen scripts I've written to perform odd jobs mostly Perl.

Nothing fancy, but it works. I do web and database development. I find that as a dev platform Arch Linux actually is great. I run my own Apache server and I can test whatever I'm working on before I put it into my client's server, so I know its going to work. I also like the fact that it is easy to customize, so I can "emulate" different set ups that my customers have. Yes, I know about AUR but some of those packages are old read unmaintainedsome I have installed and did not work at all and some you just cannot find.

I've done mostly hobby developing on my Arch box at home, I don't see it being any better or worse than any other linux distro for this purpose imo. I've done Java in eclipse, and everything else just with text editor and whatever compiler necessary using gnu make.

I've also found that linux is a great platform for hardware and circuit development using the gEDA suite, and other tools for working with micro-controllers. Have used Linux for all my school programming and when I have finished made it run on windows. Thanks for the reply's. I always like to hear what platforms other people use for development and the types of development they are into. Keep them coming! I am new to the computational sciences.

I switched over to Linux in general when I started to doing development. Like alot of people I started with Ubuntu, then moved to Fedora.

Now I do everything in Arch. I run Ubuntu and Fedora on the same computer but haven't even finished their most recent updates I thinking about repartitioning to take out Ubuntu. Importantly, my Fedora OS has been the master boot since using Arch for about months now. I am kind of considering making Arch the master boot but I won't likely get to it any time soon.

arch linux java 9

Any problems I've had with Arch are minor. For example, I broke the screen on my laptop and been using a Dell flatscreen monitor for a few weeks. For some reason when I connect to one specific wireless router a Belkin everything freezes and I have to reboot by cutting power. Due to time I haven't diagnosed it yet. I dont have the problem as long as I stay off that specific wireless router.

All my programs are written in Haskell using GHC. As all my stuff is cabal'ized cabal is like pacmanit is distribution-agnostic which makes sense considering that we are not using Arch at our institute.

On work I do a lot of development.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here.

arch linux java 9

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Get the best mirror near you check this list ; you can even generate a new mirror list on the archlinux website. When you change your repository it is a good idea to update using pacman -Syyu as this will refresh all the packages. RB based on armv6l. Due to the current procedure of downloading and installing of Oracle JDK, you may not able to do that easily with linux environment.

How To Run Java Jar Application with Systemd on Linux

Because lots of previously supported JDK packages are not working now. Now you should have a jdk8 folder in Downloads. Move that ". The source line we want to change from is Learn more.

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Asked 7 years, 5 months ago. Active 8 months ago. Viewed 71k times. Jeroen Kransen. Jeroen Kransen Jeroen Kransen 1, 2 2 gold badges 15 15 silver badges 37 37 bronze badges. Does pacman -Ss openjdk find the package you're looking for? I tried several combinations, but pacman -S openjdk6 was not one of them. Active Oldest Votes.I have openjdk8 as my current default. When I last installed openjdk8, setting the default worked without having to futz with the path to jre.

However, is there a recommended way to change the path archlinux-java looks for? What is "it" in your last comment? If "it" is archlinux-java, are you saying it fails to set the default to JDK9? I'm a little confused. Your only options are the ones listed in the status output you posted back in post 3.

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As of javaopenjdk, the jre and jdk have the same path, no need and possibility to choose anymore. You're trying to "fix" the wrong problem: use archlinux-java to set "javaopenjdk" which works, as you reported earlier and then post back the error s you're getting when you're running Clojure. Here's what I get:. ClassCastException: java.

Searching through the Clojure community after being one track minded on the java side! This seems to be a pretty significant issue. It's pretty shocking that no one in the OpenJDK team tested major alternative JVM languages effectively enough to find this problem as development moved forward at times recklessly, e. Also, Gradle was completely devastated by the loss of sun. Unsafe, and somehow they were able to make that known and incline the OpenJDK developers to restore it.

It would be nice if Leiningen development could have a voice in that kind of area, though I don't know how that whole ordeal resolved itself. While the OpenJDK and especially Oracle side has me feeling disheartened about the future of the JVM, it's encouraging to see not just comments, but commits, by both Leiningen and Clojure developers to fix this issue.

It looks to me like Java 9 will be unsuitable for my usage for some time the LWJGL3 graphics library still isn't especially compatiblebut I'm sure by the time most libraries have fixed compatibility issues, Clojure will already have a new stable release maybe more than oneand Leiningen will be working out-of-the-box once more.

How to Install Java on Arch Linux

The Closure thing is a separate issue. Please remember to mark your thread as [Solved] by editing your first post and prepending it to the title. Atom topic feed. Arch Linux. Index Rules Search Register Login. You are not logged in. Topics: Active Unanswered. Is there something different I have to do to get archlinux-java set to work on openjdk9?

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Last edited by kinleyd Your only options are the ones listed in the status output you posted back in post 3 Last edited by Scimmia OK, thanks.

Guess I'll just stay with openjdk8 till I find some solution. And my thanks to everyone for their quick and helpful responses. Pages: 1. Atom topic feed Powered by FluxBB.I havnt got this to work with icedtea-web and have been trying with different jdk and jre. If anyone out there got this to work my question is what did you install and did you do some changes in firefox after to get it working? I now have jdkopenjdk and jreopenjdk installed and also icedtea-web and icedtea-web-doc and I am able to choose icedtea-web when trying to run a.

It just get added to dowloads. If you all think that what I have installed should be enough to get it working could it then be some kind of permissions problem? If my arch linux install is to restrict or something like that? Have you followed the instructions I linked to?

10 Things to do first in Manjaro

Have you run firefox from a terminal and tried to run a jnlp file so you could observe any error output? I followed the links instructiuon on creating a symlink and placed it in my local.

This I am wondering if it actually could have something to do with I am running 64 bit java or if it is not possible to run a iKVM for a server locally and it has to be launched from website when I am logged in to SuperMicro, I have no idea on this part.

NOW after just waiting a few minutes the downloading started and then It ask me if I trusted SuperMicro and then I pressed "Run" but then it hangs and gives me these "Details":.

arch linux java 9

Or even better, not rely on outdated technology for whatever you want to do, if that is possible. I solved it. I am still not anle to launch thru firefox but it can have with what V1del wrote. But i tried uninstall icedtea-web and only run with javaws from the terminal vith the -verbose option.

And also entered the javacontrol and under security lowered to medium.

Pulse Connect Secure

I marked it as solved even though the topic was to make it run from firefox. But it is close enough. Firefox stopped supporting and loading icedtea-web with version Still, it should be possible to create a. I've packaged firefox-esr in the AUR in order to use all of my many web applications that need Java.

It's fully installable along with the standard Firefox package and runnable in parallel using --no-remote -P profile. Atom topic feed. Arch Linux. Index Rules Search Register Login. You are not logged in. Topics: Active Unanswered. Thanks for taking your time. Last edited by ihet Install the pulse-secure AUR package and run the service:.

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See the initial announcement for more details. To use, install openconnect. If your Juniper VPN setup doesn't require any input after connecting you can use this command in order to connect.

If you want NetworkManager support, install networkmanager-openconnector try the latest git version. Install jnc AUR. You need to enable the multilib repository: see the upstream website.

The Mad Scientist's "msjnc" script requires gtk2-perlglib-perl and unzip. Enable multilib and then install libzlibnet-toolsglib-perlperl-libwww and gtk2-perl. Access the the Juniper VPN website you need to use. Log in and allow the installation to attempt and fail due to non bit Java. You should get an error similar to the following:.

However, if ncLinuxApp. Then download the msjnc script, make it executable, and put it in your PATH. The first time you launch msjnc before ncsvc is installedit will extract ncLinuxApp. This requires sudo to be configured to allow all commands to your user.

You may have to inspect the html of the login page to find the form's action attribute. Install the perl dependencies perl-term-readkey and perl-lwp-protocol-https. Once you have done so, you must choose whether to run jvpn as root easiest method or as a regular user and run the steps below accordingly.

Use your web browser no need for bit Java to connect to the VPN website and download the appropriate software. This step is considered more complex because you have to have a functional Java plugin in your browser configured with appropriate security settings. During installation of Network Connect, the browser will request a root password to set the setuid flag on ncsvc Juniper daemon.From the Wikipedia article :.

All these JVM can be installed without conflict and switched between using helper script archlinux-java. Several other Java environments are available in AUR but are not officially supported. Two common packages are respectively pulled as dependency, named java-runtime-common containing common files for Java Runtime Environments and java-environment-common containing common files for Java Development Kits. For integrated development environments, see List of applications Integrated development environments and the Java IDEs subsection specifically.

To discourage reverse engineering an obfuscator like proguard AUR can be used. Note the default denoting that javaopenjdk is currently set as default.

Invocation of java and other binaries will rely on this Java install. Note that archlinux-java will not let you set an invalid Java environment. In the previous example, jre8-openjdk is installed but jdk8-openjdk is not so trying to set javaopenjdk will fail:. There should be no need to unset a Java environment as packages providing them should take care of this. Still should you want to do so, just use command unset :. If an invalid Java environment link is set, calling the archlinux-java fix command tries to fix it.

Also note that if no default Java environment is set, this will look for valid ones and try to set it for you. Officially supported package "OpenJDK 8" will be considered first in this order, then other installed environments. If you want to launch an application with another version of java than the default one for example if you have both version jre7 and jre8 installed on your systemyou can wrap your application in a small bash script to locally change the default PATH of java.

For example if the default version is jre7 and you want to use jre To do so, packages should:. Due to the fact that the JDBC-drivers often use the port in the URL to establish a connection to the database, it is considered "remote" i. You may use the wmname from suckless. Try set "compiz" or "LG3D". This works because the JVM contains a hard-coded list of known, non-re-parenting window managers. For maximum irony, some users prefer to impersonate LG3Dthe non-re-parenting window manager written by Sun, in Java.

In addition to the suggestions mentioned below in Better font renderingsome fonts may still not be legible afterwards. If this is the case, there is a good chance Microsoft fonts are being used.Java is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming languages ever to grace the face of the planet, powering millions of applications both on Linux and Windows platforms.

JRE is a set of software applications that help in the deployment of Java applications. JDK is a development environment necessary for the building and compilation of Java applications. In this tutorial, we are going to take you through a step by step of how you can install Java on Arch Linux.

arch linux java 9

From the output above, it evident that Java is missing. The first option is usually the latest version, so to install the latest JDKrun the command. This will take a bit more of your time, so some patience will do. In this article, we demonstrated how you can install Java on Arch Linux. TecMint is the fastest growing and most trusted community site for any kind of Linux Articles, Guides and Books on the web.

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When I'm not running commands on the terminal, I'm taking listening to some cool music.

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Your name can also be listed here. Got a tip? Submit it here to become an TecMint author. The article takes you through how to install each of those components which will enable you to install, develop and deploy your JAVA applications.

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